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Did you know that boxing has been an Olympic sport since 688 BC? While there are archaeological records going back much earlier, we know that boxing was first recognized as an official sport at the Olympic Races in 688 BC. During that period, leather strips were strapped on the boxers' hands, and the fight continued uninterrupted until one of the fighters was knocked out. Interestingly, we can trace boxing historically up to the time of the Roman Empire and even learn about boxing champions in ancient times.

However, these records disappear after the Roman period begins because this period is known as the “age of gladiators”: fighters preferred to use their swords rather than their hands for a long time. In the 16th century, historical records on boxing reappeared, and many historians consider this period the beginning of modern boxing. However, nobody called it “boxing” then: the preferred term was “fist fighting”.

Boxing rules and round-based matches, which are still valid today, first appeared in the 1700s. The only difference is that in those years they counted up to 30 for a knockout. Boxing gloves, on the other hand, were first used at the end of the 1800s, and they were not for safety as it is believed: gloves were used to facilitate defensive moves. The knockdown countdown also dropped to 10 in those years.

Modern boxing is a sport that is followed with interest all over the world, and amateur boxers fight on average 20 times a year. Each year, 500 to 1000 boxing matches are held around the world, so it's possible to watch a different match almost every day. This means that you can also take advantage of numerous boxing betting opportunities. In this post dedicated to betting on boxing, we will talk about both boxing and betting options you can find at GGBet.

How Does Online Boxing Betting Work?

To explain how boxing online betting works, let's first talk about rules. Boxing matches are held in three-minute rounds, and a match lasts between 9 and 12 rounds. There are referees both in the ring and at the ringside. The referee in the ring monitors the boxers closely for rule violations and, as everyone knows, counts down the knockout. On the other hand, the referees on the side of the ring give points to the boxers according to the techniques they use. The winner of the match is determined by knockout, technical knockout, or the scoring system. Speaking of the ring, did you know that the first rings were in the shape of a circle? Because this shape caused people to pile up around the ring, a square ring design has been adopted.

It is forbidden to grab, bite, spit and hit the opponent. A boxer who does not abide by these prohibitions can be disqualified. Boxers are divided into many categories such as puncher, counter puncher and brawler according to the techniques they use. If you are interested in boxing betting online, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with all these categories.

These explanations are enough to get an idea of how boxing bets work. While the most common type of betting is about who is going to win the match, you can bet on any outcome that can happen in a match. For example, it is possible to bet on which round the match will end, result in a technical knockout, or even that one of the boxers will bite the opponent! Below, we list and briefly explain some of the most popular betting types.

  • Go the Distance Bets: A bet on whether the fight will end within the scheduled rounds or not. It falls into the “prop bet” category, and you can, for example, bet that the fight will not end within scheduled rounds but will “go the distance” (or vice versa).
  • Bout Betting: A bet on which boxer will win the fight. It is the most popular and basic option. If you think that Fighter A will win the match, place a bet in favor of him, and that’s it. If he wins the match, you will win your bet too.
  • Method of Victory Bet: A bet on how the fight will end. As we mentioned above, a fight can result in a knockout, technical knockout, or the winner can be declared by points. This is a bet on which one of these outcomes will happen.
  • Grouped Round Betting: It is the bet on which of the three rounds the fighter will win on the basis of points. For example, you can bet that Fighter A will score more points in rounds 1, 2, and 3. Even if fighter A loses the match, you win the bet if he gets more points in those rounds.
  • Over/Under Bets: A bet on which round the match will end. For example, you can bet that the match will end before round 7 (under). Or, you can bet that it will end after round 7 (over).
  • Double Chance Bets: A bet on who will win the fight as well as how. For example, if you say that Fighter A will win the match by a knockout, you are betting a double chance. In other words, you are betting on both the winner and the victory method. In order to win such a bet, both your predictions must come true. For example, if your fighter wins the match but with a technical knockout instead of a regular one, you will lose this bet.
  • In-Round Bet: This is not actually a type of bet, it indicates when the bet was placed. In-round bets are live bets placed after the match has started. As a general rule, live odds are almost always better than pre-match odds. You can place a bet while a round is going on and get higher rates. However, this is not like in-game football betting: the rounds last 3 minutes, and you need to decide quickly.

Popular Championships and Events for Boxing Betting Online

It is possible to find a different event almost every day of the year, but the championships are generally divided into four categories. Online betting boxing options are also mostly offered for these categories. We can list these four championships as follows:

  • World Boxing Association (WBA): Founded in 1921, the WBA is the official boxing federation of the United States. The WBA has multiple championship titles and allows gaining titles in different weight divisions. Boxers like this take the title of “Unified Champion”.
  • World Boxing Council (WBC): Mexico-based WBC was established in 1963 and is known for its safety contributions to boxing. For example, WBC reduced the number of rounds from 15 to 12 and added different weight divisions to boxing.
  • International Boxing Federation (IBF): The US-based IBF was established by leaving the WBA, and it has a difference of opinion with the WBA about the future of boxing.
  • World Boxing Organization (WBO): Puerto Rico based WBO has a special title called “Super Champion,” and it is not possible to lose this honorary title.

There are, of course, other organizations out there, but these are officially recognized by boxing commissions, and if you want your champion title to be valid worldwide, you have to get one of them. Boxing betting online options are, therefore, mostly offered for events organized by these organizations. However, it is possible to get boxing betting games offers for different matches and events too, if you choose the right sportsbook.

How to Read and Use Boxing Betting Odds

Betting odds boxing may seem complicated at first glance, especially if you are a beginner. However, they are actually easy to understand once you learn how to read them. In order to explain sports betting boxing odds, we will use two simple examples.


This is the most common odds type you will see. A typical betting offer looks like this:

  • Fighter A -180 vs Fighter B +140

Now, these numbers tell us who is the favorite boxer in this match: the fighter with the minus sign is always the favorite. They also tell us which one is the underdog: the fighter with the plus sign is always the underdog. The plus and minus signs actually show the potential payouts, and you should read them like this:

  • The minus number means that you must bet this amount to win 100 USD/EUR. In this example, if you want to place a bet in favor of Fighter A and win 100 USD/EUR, your bet must be 180 USD/EUR. In other words, the investment must be higher than the payout because everyone expects Fighter A to win the match. If you win this bet, the sportsbook will pay you 280 USD/EUR in total (180 initial investment + 100 payout).
  • The plus number means that your payout will be this much when you place a 100 USD/EUR bet. In this example, if you place a 100 USD/EUR bet in favor of Fighter B, the payout will be 140 USD. The sportsbook will pay you 240 USD/EUR in total (100 initial investment + 140 payout). This time, the initial investment amount is lower than the payout because nobody expects Fighter B to win the match.

Over/Under Odds

Odds for over/under bets look a little different, but they are still easy to understand. Once again, a typical offer looks like this:

  • Fighter A -180 vs Fighter B +140 (Total: 9.5 rounds)
    • Over 9.5 (-280)
    • Under 9.5 (+240)

If you think that the fight will end after the 10th round, you can take the “over 9.5 (-280)” offer. This means your bet must be 280 USD/EUR in order to win 100 USD/EUR. The same principle applies: the plus sign shows an outcome everybody expects, so the initial investment is higher. But if you think that the fight will end before the 10th round, you can simply pick the “under 9.5 (+240)” option and win 240 USD/EUR for a 100 USD/EUR bet.

Once you learn how to read the boxing betting odds, the only thing left to do is to find the best odds possible. You even don’t need to use the boxing betting oddschecker for that because GG.Bet always offers you the best odds.

GGBet Is the Best Site for Boxing Betting

Although there are many boxing betting sites, there are very few ones that will be worth your time and money. There are many things you should expect from a betting site: a worldwide coverage network, competitive odds, an easy to use interface, advantageous bonuses, etc. The best boxing betting sites have to offer them all.

GGBet offers even more: Not only do we offer competitive odds and a wide range of coverage, but we also make sure you have no problems with customer service ready to assist 24/7. Thanks to our advanced infrastructure, you can place bets from both desktop and mobile devices. Moreover, no matter which device you use, our practical interface will always remain the same. On the left, you will see the list of matches you can bet on, and when you select a match from this list, you will be able to view all the information you need in the middle. When you choose one of the offered options, it will automatically be transferred to the bet slip on the right. So you can make a sports betting boxing prediction in just a few minutes.

You will never have trouble finding a match to bet on. Our extensive coverage network offers a new betting boxing opportunity every day for all championships and events. GGBet’s interface allows you to access all the information you need, such as spread, score and boxing betting line from one place. Place your bet either before or after the match has started. GGBet offers an unlimited variety of boxing bets!

Tips for Boxing Betting Online

There is no sure way of winning boxing betting online: this is still gambling, and you cannot eliminate the chance factor completely. However, it is possible to increase your chances by using the right strategies. A strategy will help you to make accurate predictions and boost your winnings. Here are a couple of tips and tricks:

  • Research is still the key here. You cannot take a look at the fighters and go with your gut. There are detailed statistics about boxers and their entire career. You should start online betting for boxing by looking at these data because they will tell you everything you need to know. As mentioned above, start by finding out which category the boxers belong to. Do they fight defensively? How long can their arms reach? What is their KO ratio? You should even look at their weights. Usually, the biggest and heaviest boxer wins the heavyweight division matches, but it is almost always the opposite in the lightweight division. Study the forms of fighters and find out what kind of pros/cons they have.
  • You should read magazines too. Boxers must always stay fit and train every day. But if a particular boxer decided to “have fun” before an important match, this will surely affect his performance. By following tabloids, you can easily learn about this and gain an advantage. Study the last fights of boxers and follow their training schedules. Find out whether they are able to show the same performance or not. Even a short break in training can affect the outcome.
  • Take advantage of bonuses. There are several free bet offers you can use, and these can be used to jump-start your betting career. By taking advantage of bonuses, you can place your first bet without taking any risks. If you win the bet, you still get the payout. Bonuses can give you a free bankroll to use on any match you like. They can even boost your winnings by letting you place a bigger amount than you planned.
  • Stick with prematch betting until you get enough experience. Live boxing betting is very fast-paced, and you must make important decisions in a very short time. Doing so requires expertise, so they are not suited for beginners. You should start with classic betting options and move to live betting after completing your research & gaining enough knowledge.

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