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Many people confuse virtual sports with eSports since they are both electronic sports, but there’s a huge difference between the two. With eSports, real players are battling it out behind consoles, mobile devices or computers to get an edge over the opponent. On the other hand, virtual sports are reliant on a random number generator, which will determine how the virtual athletes play, making it a game of chance rather than strategy. 

Furthermore, in virtual sports betting, the matches, races and contests are simulations dependent on an algorithm, making them subject to gambling regulations in the jurisdictions the games are offered. As a result, this also means that we are working with the RTP aspect like any other computer-powered online casino game

The main advantage of playing virtual sports over watching traditional or eSports events is participating in the activity without necessarily mastering the corresponding conventional sport. You can also view the gameplay from any angle, giving you a better analysis that will assist you with making more informed decisions before you place your bets. 

Additionally, given that the virtual sports games come with no breaks or pauses in the matches and no external factors affecting the v-teams, they take a relatively short time. The games are usually scheduled for every couple of minutes, meaning that you can place more frequent bets. Become a GGBet member today, and you’ll not only relish lucrative opportunities to watch and bet on real traditional sports, but you will also enjoy virtual sports games, both in the demo and real money mode.

Collection of Virtual Sports Games at GGbet

At GGBet online casino, we have an exciting collection of virtual sports games ranging from virtual football, racing, racing roulette and keno. To bring you the best odds and the most mind-blowing gaming entertainment ever, we have teamed up with Kiron, a renowned expert in bringing top reality sports to life in a virtual environment. 

Kiron Interactive uses the latest CGI technology to deliver full HD graphics in all their virtual sports games and is licensed and regulated in the UK by the Gambling Commission. Virtual sports available on our platform thanks to leading-edge gaming technology from Kiron include:

Online Football

It comes as no surprise that football video games currently dominate the virtual sports scene, given the game’s popularity worldwide. Since it’s a replica of the traditional football games, the same betting options apply. You can bet on the match result (which team wins or if there’s a draw), goals full-time or half time for either team, first goalscorer, whether the total goals will be odd or even, among many other options. However, since the games are computer simulations, there’s no online football games multiplayer mode.

At GGBet, you can play three main virtual football leagues, watch or bet on, namely the Italian Fast League Football Single, Spanish Fast League Football Single and the Football League Match. With very realistic commentary and v-player performance, the experience you get with GGBet real money or free football games online is one that will keep you coming back for more.

Table Tennis

You get the chance to bet between two players (A or B). The options include an overall match result, first to score, the correct score for either, and many more. Watching and betting on the Virtual Table Tennis games is as exciting as the real-life counterpart, to the extent that it feels like you are live streaming an actual match as you bet on it.


If you are a fan of racing games, you will have the chance to bet on three different racing forms: online horse racing, which is the most popular, motor racing or hound racing. Here, you can predict who wins, who finishes in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, two in order, two in any order, two in first three places or whether the winner will be an odd or even number. The RTP for our racing games is between 72% and 90%, meaning that your chances of turning your bets into profits are super high!

Racing Roulette

This is a numbers game that combines racing, a leading betting sport, and roulette, one of the most popular casino table games in a single game. You can wager on horses based on their numbers as to which will finish first place, 1st and 2nd in order, two in first three, and so on. You could also wager on rows or columns by betting on whether a number or numbers in a chosen row or column will win specified places. You can also bet on whether the 1st place will be a high or low number, even or odd or red or black. 

Online Keno 

This is yet another numbers game where you can win generously by matching up to 10 random numbers out of an 80-number random draw. You can bet on heads, tails or evens where you predict where the majority of numbers will be in the grid, or you can do a Quickpick, which randomly selects 1 to 10 numbers for you based on how many spots you specify. This virtual keno game has an attractive RTP of 81% to 95% to offer you high winning odds whenever you play.

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At GGBet online casino, we’ve got you covered when it comes to virtual sports, whether you would like to try out our free play option or play for real money. You don’t need to register to play for free, but you will need to sign up whenever you are ready to play online for real money. 

Our modern gambling platform offers you a variety of the best online virtual sports on the market and 24/7 customer support to assist you in case you encounter any issues. GGbet is also a 100% secure & legal gaming site that comes equipped with relevant licensing and cutting-edge cybersecurity measures to guarantee that our patrons enjoy their favorite virtual games in a safe and secure environment. Why don’t you give the virtual sports on our platform a shot for free just to have a good time, then switch to real money gaming for some cold hard cash payouts? Good luck and happy gaming!

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