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GGBet Esports Betting

Esports betting, also known as cyber sports betting, is not that different from traditional sports betting, and as it continues to experience tremendous growth, more punters are starting to appreciate this exotic type of sport. Since around 2016, major eSports tournaments have been attracting both in-arena and live streaming fans in the millions, most of whom already play the games for fun or professionally. 

So, if you’re already a fan of eSports, why don’t you up the ante and turn your predictions into real money by betting on the most popular events? For the most exhilarating and satisfying experience, come to the GGBet sportsbook, a legal eSports operator where you can start betting on eSports games taking place across different parts of the globe.

GGBet is a reliable bookmaker that you can trust 100%, as we operate under a license from the government of Curacao. Thanks to this master license, we can legally carry out bookmaking operations throughout the EU to serve punters who thirst for a dependable platform for eSport betting. At GGBet, we understand how much players enjoy the thrilling action of eSports games, and that is why we offer you limitless opportunities to place eSport bets round the clock. 

How to Bet on Esports at GGBet Online Bookmaker

GGBet offers you an extensive array of eSports bets both in the live and pre-match betting mode, which is usually available long before the event. Whether it’s live betting or pre-match betting, there are a few steps that you will be required to follow to start betting on eSports at GGBet. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Sign up by providing your identity information, which, rest assured, will be safe from exploitation by any third parties.
  2. Load a minimum deposit of $/€5 to your new GGBet account. Don’t forget to take advantage of our deposit bonuses, which are exclusive to sports and eSports betting.
  3. After that, navigate to the ‘Esports’ tab, select a game of your liking and start placing your live or pre-match bets. There are ‘popular’ and ‘favorites’ tabs in case you’re a bit confused about choosing an eSport game to bet on.
  4. Track the results of the event for future reference when analyzing the situation.

The process is so simple and intuitive that even beginners will just cruise through it.

What GGBet Guarantees for Bettors

Choosing the right bookmaker is the only thing standing between you and an amazing experience when you bet on eSports. Given the complexity of this type of betting, your betting odds lie with your bookie’s expertise in ensuring your time betting on eSports is well worth it. The GGBet bookmaker will guarantee you the following advantages:

  • A wide selection of eSports events with the most lucrative betting odds.
  • Reliability when calculating bets so that you can make a more accurate analysis of the odds helping you make better choices.
  • The chance to make large bets on popular eSports games to your benefit.
  • 100% payouts on all bets available at all times as soon as your prediction wins.
  • Personalized support service with fast response times so that you can concentrate on winning.
  • Security and privacy on all your transactions and on the data you share with us – no monkey business!

Esports Games You Can Bet On

At GGbet, we provide competitive odds for a wide selection of eSport bets to cater to everyone’s tastes. Our portfolio features a comprehensive list of bets and corresponding odds for eSport games from the most popular developers like Valve Corporation, Riot Games and Activision Blizzard. With so many top-notch selections on the menu, we believe that you will certainly have a few favorites of your own. Esports betting options at your disposal on GGBet include:

CS: GO Betting

The Counter-Strike series of video games was released back in 1999 by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), the fourth game in the series has been the biggest hit yet. CSGO is a first-person shooter game that made its debut in 2012 and has since been upgraded over and over to constantly improve the quality and to add more content for the ever-increasing audience and player profiles. 

The game is team-based, and it pits two sets of players playing either terrorists or counter-terrorists in a cut-throat competitive environment, where they fight to destroy the other team’s base in several rounds. Almost 10 years down the line, this eSport game is here to stay a while longer.

CSGO has different versions or game modes, namely Competitive, Wingman, Casual, Deathmatch, Arms Race, Demolition, Flying, and Scoutsman, which all have special features to suit different players.

When eSports betting became a thing, it comes as no surprise that CSGO would be among the most popular titles to be waged on. CSGO match betting makes about 29% of the eSports betting market, with fans closely following various tournaments. 

At GGBet, you can place eSport bets on both Counter-Strike minor and major tournaments. Some of the CSGO betting events you could wager on, whose prize pool ranges from $250,000 to $1,000,000, are:

  • Intel Extreme Masters - An ESL global pro gaming tour that started in 2006 and takes place in different countries around the world.
  • ESL Pro League - Another ESL sports league that features 24 teams per season since its founding in 2015.
  • Flashpoint - An online European tournament established in 2019 by a consortium of major organizations in the eSports games arena. 
  • ESL One CSGO - This is one of the most prestigious major eSports tournaments organized by ESL, and the outcome means a lot for both competitors and players.
  • Valve Major Spring - A major tournament organized by Valve every spring.

Log on to the GGBet sportsbook for a closer look at the range of CS tournaments that you can wager on whenever you yearn for the thrill of betting on eSports.

Dota 2 Betting

Dota 2 is a highly successful title introduced by Valve during the 2011 International Dota competition to succeed Warcraft III. It is a sequel of the Defense of the Ancients (DotA) and is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) type video game, where two teams battle it out in player vs player combat until the winner destroys the other teams ‘ancient.’ 

Dota 2 game’s popularity became profound when players discovered the insanely large prize pools and strategy-based gameplay that challenges them to think while keeping the action fun. Winning a Dota 2 tournament automatically propels a team to the top cream in terms of funds and perceived expertise. Another factor that has ensured Dota 2 remains relevant from year to year is the fact that Valve worked hard to bring the game to the Chinese market. 

The Chinese and Asian market at large is enamored by video games and gambling, and the introduction of crowdfunded pools further engages the customers, pushing the prize to unimaginable amounts hitting the $20M mark and beyond. With eSports betting coming to the masses, it was only a matter of time before Dota 2 betting became mainstream as well, with bettors wagering on who will be the first to slay Roshan or destroy the other team’s ‘ancient.’

GGBet is your ultimate Dota betting site that allows you to place wagers on both major and minor Dota 2 tournaments with extravagant prize pools between $250,000 and $1,000,000. The Dota betting tournaments available at GGBet include the likes of:

  • ESL One Dota 2 - An Intel-powered major event held across the world with millions of hours of the event viewed by fans.
  • The International - The kick-off major event that brought the launch of the Dota 2 games is one of the most anticipated pro gaming events of the year.
  • SL ImbaTV - A minor tournament with a $300,000 prize pool that is a qualifier for The International.
  • Tug of War - A series of Dota 2 professional tournaments with different themes.
  • Dream League - DreamHack and ASUS ROG’s new league that is giving the others a run for their money.
  • World Pro Invitational - A very well-known tournament in the Middle East brought to you by One Esports in partnership with PGL.

If you consider yourself a fan of Dota, then you should already sign up for an account at GGBet so that you can check out all the competitions you can wager on at different times of the year.

Virtual Football Betting

In a bid to entice more traditional soccer fans, EA developed the old-school FIFA Online series which has seen versions and upgrades produced every year since 1994. The game has seen much improvement with technological advancements to thank for the vivid graphics and realistic simulation that makes the game exciting for fans and gamers alike. 

FIFA Online has quickly become an eSports sensation since it represents a sport that so many people are already familiar with and have played for a lifetime both physically as a traditional sport and as a video game. In virtual football betting, you will find plenty of virtual competitions which occur between one virtual team and another, whereas some are played against human competitors behind the game controller. 

For virtual vs virtual teams, the game is completely computer-simulated, where you just bet on eSports match as you would on a traditional football match, but instead of the usual 90-minute match, the timeframe is much shorter. These virtual matches usually last a couple of minutes, and you will always find a game going on whenever you log in to GGBet, irrespective of the time of the year.

For human vs human tournaments, on the other hand, this is purely video gaming where the outcome will depend on the skill or actions of the player or players behind the controller. Some of the most popular of this kind that you can enjoy at GBet include:

  • Football Triathlon World Championships  
  • E-sportsmen Tournaments
  • ePremiere League.

League of Legends Betting

League of Legends (LoL) is one of the world’s most popular MOBA games where teams try using strategy to outplay opponents and destroy their Nexus. With hundreds of millions of fans and millions of dollars at stake in tournaments, it is one of the most exciting eSports games on the market. 

LoL has also revolutionized the eSports education field with renowned colleges and universities offering eSports programs like Bachelor of Science in eSports Management at Becker College.  A lot of premier institutions also offer scholarships to players to set them up for an eSports career, while others offer eSports scholarships as part of their sports scholarship programs.

LoL betting is now the most in-demand eSports betting activity given the game’s gigantic online following and ease of playing. GGBet provides the best LoL betting odds in the most popular LoL tournaments like:

  • The Nexus - A Southeast Asian tournament dubbed ‘Only the worth will survive.’
  • LCK - The main LoL competition in South Korea.
  • LCS - North America’s LoL eSports league organized by Riot Games.
  • LPL (Lol Pro League) - The main professional LoL league in China.
  • World Championship - The annual pro gaming League of Legends world championship. The number of participating teams has just kept going up from 8 in 2011 to 24 in 2020.

Are you a die-hard fan of League of Legends? If you consider yourself a fan, then it’s about time you create your LoL betting account at GGBet. We will offer you unimaginable opportunities to back the teams and players that have the highest chances of winning so that you can make some money out of the action.

Other eSports Betting Options

There are numerous other eSports betting options at GGBet other than the three most popular types of games that we’ve just discussed. You can place eSports bets on a vast range of other incredibly entertaining tournaments, such as:

  • Call of Duty, Call of Duty Warzone – An iconic FPS video game available in different game modes. CoD Warzone was launched in 2020 and is free to all players.
  • King of Glory – Honor of Kings is a multiplayer online battle game featuring heroes with different skill sets to defeat the opposing team.
  • Rainbow Six – A tactical shooter video game available in single-player and multiplayer modes. The latest version is the 2021 Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Quarantine named after the Covid-19 outbreak aftermath.
  • Starcraft I, Starcraft II – Blizzard Entertainment has been consistently improving this popular video game since its initial launch in 1998.
  • Warcraft III – This is a highly interactive massively multi-player role-playing game by Blizzard Entertainment.
  • Valorant – It’s a character-based tactical shooter game from Riot Games featuring unique agent abilities that boost player powers for maximum damage.
  • World of Tanks – A multi-player tank battles game from Wargaming that blends retro with modern warfare for mind-blowing action. 
  • Rocket League – An incredibly popular vehicular soccer game from Pysonix that requires skill and strategy to control rocket-powered vehicles on a football pitch.
  • Overwatch – This is a first-person shooter game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. It features squad-based combat and is one of the games that drove the popularity of eSports to what it is today.
  • Hearthstone - A digital collectible card game with single-player and multiple-player modes. It’s another eSports heavy hitter from Blizzard Entertainment.
  • Smite – Here, Hirez Studios and Titan Forge Games created an immersive title where players use god characters to battle for domination.
  • PUBG – Player vs player shooter game where 100 players accost one another in a battle royale. The game is developed and published by PUBG Corporation, which is a subsidiary of Bluehole.
  • Halo – A military-based video game from Xbox Game Studios. It is also a popular option which, like FIFA, a lot of eSports fans have grown up playing before the industry boomed.
  • Heroes of the Storm – This is a Blizzard Entertainment production where players need to level up to access upgrades to their abilities in a first-person shooter scenario.

GGBet - Your Best Bet for Profiting from eSports Games Worldwide!

Are you looking for a seasoned bookmaker with years in the eSports betting business to keep your eSports gambling profitable? The GGbet bookmaker has your back. Follow the simple steps we’ve discussed above to sign up, load your deposit and start placing your live and pre-match bets on your favorite eSport games. Don’t forget to grab the welcome bonus so that you can launch your eSports betting escapades with a trick up your sleeve. Good luck and have fun!