Football Betting at GGBet|The Best Betting Odds in 2022

Did you know that football was first discovered in China during the Han dynasty and used as a military training exercise? This was also probably the first time that betting on football started. Military commanders of the time invented football to teach the importance of acting as a team and called it “cuju”. Surprisingly, almost every culture in the world discovered football on its own. Ancient Greeks called it “Episkyros”, native Americans called it “Aqsaqtuk”. In Europe, its name was “La Solue”, and historians still disagree about whether it first appeared in England or France. But there is a fact that everyone agrees: Football is one of the oldest sports games in the world, and every culture seems to have discovered the idea of playing a ball game on its own. Maybe, this is why football is such a popular sport. Perhaps, there is something in our common genetic code that makes it fun to hit a ball, who knows?

Football is such a common team sport that there is no way to count how many football matches are organized every year in the world. Every country has professional and amateur leagues. These leagues are divided into several categories among themselves. 380 games are played only in the Premier League each season. Even if we limit it to only one country, the figures are still very high. For example, in England, there are 20 football teams in EPL and 72 football teams in EFL. This alone means that they play 46 weekly matches every season. Consider adding Ireland, France, Italy and other European countries to this figure. We are confident that it will be very difficult to calculate even the number of annual football matches only in Europe. But there is one more thing we are sure of: Online football betting is played for every match, regardless of the number! And thanks to GGBet’s online casino wide coverage, you can do the same: we offer our members the chance to place a bet for almost every football event in the world, whether it is major or minor. This is soccer betting at its finest form!

In the 1880s, Oxford University called the sports known as rugby today as “rugger” and used the “asoccer” term for regular football. As you can imagine, “asoccer” turned into “soccer” over time. In England, this term was hardly popular, but for some reason Americans loved it. This is still the case today: Americans still use the term soccer, while the rest of the world says only football.

Betting on Football Games: What Are Your Options?

We can say that sports football betting is one of the most suitable options for beginners. This is not a complicated sport - it doesn't even take 10 minutes to learn the rules. Even watching a game from start to finish will be more than enough to learn the rules in general. In the same period, you will be able to get an idea of the basic sport betting options too.

There are two teams, each team has 11 players, and each match consists of two halves. The goal is to be the team with the highest number of goals. Even this is enough to give you an idea of what you can bet on: you can try your luck on many things like the outcome of the match or the half, the number of goals, or the team's position in the league.

You can bet on any outcome that can take place in a football match. The lower the probability of this outcome happening, the higher your potential gain. For example, if you bet in favor of the favorite team in a match between the favorite and underdog teams, you will not get very high odds: this is a very likely outcome to happen anyway. However, if you bet on the underdog team, you can have a chance to make a much bigger score. So, can the underdog team win this match? We cannot answer this question and nobody can. You must evaluate each game separately and do your research to decide. To make your job easier, we list and briefly describe the most common types of football matches betting below:

  • Single Bet: Probably the most common (and the simplest) bet type. Also known as a “straight bet”. You bet on which team is going to win the match.
  • Combo Bet: This is short for a “combination bet”. It means placing multiple bets (usually with the same stake) on a series of selections. For example, you can place two single bets (for different teams) on a single slip. In order to win this bet, all your selections must win.
  • Permutation Bet: Placing more than one bet for multiple outcomes. You don’t have to win all these outcomes – even if you lose some of them, you can still win others. For example, you can bet on Team A to win a match, Team B to lose a match, and one more for both teams to win their matches. If any of these predictions come true, you can still win the bet.
  • Handicap: This means one of the football teams has a “handicap” to overcome in order to win. It is usually a goal disadvantage and looks like this: Team A (-1.5) vs Team B (1.5). This means Team B starts with a 1.5 goal advantage. If you place a bet on Team A, it must win the match by a difference of 2 goals. For example, if the result is 1-0, and Team A wins the match, you still lose the bet because the difference is less than 1.5. But if the score is 2-0, you can win this bet./li>
  • Total: Also known as “over/under”. It means placing a bet on how many points are scored at the end of the match, regardless of which team wins or loses. You are betting on whether the point total of a match will be over or under the bookmaker’s prediction. Total bets look like this: Team A 2 – Team B 3. This means that the sportsbook thinks Team A will score 2 goals and Team B will score 3 goals. However, you are not betting on these results. The total of these predictions is 5. And you can place a bet on whether the actual point total of the match will be over or under this figure. If you say “over” and the match ends with a score like 4 – 2, you win this bet because the total is 6 (4 + 2).
  • First Goal Scorer: You bet on who will score the first goal – simple.
  • First Try Scorer: You bet on who will score the first try.
  • Correct Score: You bet on the exact score of the match. For example, you place a bet for the outcome of “Team A 2, Team B 0”. If the match really ends with a score: 2 – 0, you win this bet.
  • Point Spread: This is similar to handicap betting. The bookmaker gives a point total to teams based on their status (favorite or underdog). A point spread bet looks like this: Team A -4, Team B +3. The team with a negative point is the favorite, and it needs to win the match by a total of 5 points. Team B is the underdog here, and it must not lose the match by more than 2 points. For example, if you bet on Team B and it loses the match with a score of 1 – 0, you still win this bet: the point difference is less than 2.

The Most Popular Football Leagues in the World

We give GGBet members the chance to bet on all major football leagues around the world. We know that every bettor follows different leagues and is interested in different types of football and betting. For this reason, we keep our betting football coverage as wide as possible and offer the football leagues of almost every country in the world to our members. We have listed some of the football leagues you can find on GGBet below: Good luck!

  • Premier League: Also known as the English Premier League (EPL). It is known as the “top-level” of English football and England football betting. Seasons run from August to May, and 20 football clubs compete in each season.
  • La Liga: The top division of the Spanish football league. Its full name is “Campeonato Nacional de Liga de Primera División,” but it is simply known as “La Liga”. It started in 1929, and it is considered the sixth wealthiest professional sports league in the world.
  • English Football League: Also known as EFL, this is the oldest football league in the world. It contains 72 professional football clubs in the United Kingdom. It is grouped into three divisions: Championship, League One and League Two.
  • Bundesliga: The professional football league of Germany. Just like the Premier League, its seasons run from August to May. 18 teams have been competing in it since 1963.
  • Serie A: The top level of the Italian football league system. It was founded in 1898 and considered one of the best football leagues in the world. Juventus, Milan and Inter are the most famous teams competing in this league.
  • UEFA Champions League: This one is also known as the “European Cup”. It is an annual football competition for top-division football teams in Europe. It started in 1955 and begins in late June every year.
  • France Ligue 1: The professional football league of France. It was founded in 1930, and a total of 20 teams compete in it.
  • Eredivisie: This league represents the highest level of football in the Netherlands. It was founded in 1956 and consists of 18 teams. Ajax Amsterdam is the most famous club in this league.
  • UEFA Europa League: An annual football competition organized by UEFA. It is also known as the UEFA Cup. It started in 1971, and Chelsea is the current leader in 2020.
  • EFL Championship: Short for the English Football League Championship. It is the highest division of EFL and the second-highest division in the UK after the Premier League. 24 teams contest in it.
  • Primeira Liga: Also known as Liga NOS, this is the highest division of football in Portugal. It was founded in 1934, and 18 teams participate in it.
  • MLS: Short for Major League Soccer, the highest division of soccer in the USA and Canada. It contains 26 teams.
  • World Cup: Started in 1930, FIFA World Cup is a global football tournament where 32 teams compete. It is the most popular football event, and more than 700 million people watch the final match every year.
  • Russian Premier League: The top division of football in Russia. It was founded in 2001, and 16 teams compete in it.
  • NFL: Short for National Football League. Consisting of 32 teams, it is the professional league of American football.

What You Need to Know About Football Betting Odds

There are three types of football betting odds today: fractional, decimal and American. Fractional odds are used in the United Kingdom and look like this: 1/4, 2/1, 6/4, etc. Decimal odds, on the other hand, are used in most of Europe and look like this: 5.00, 2.50, 3.00, etc. The US odds are popular in this country mainly. At GGBet, you can use all types of football odds betting. So, what do they mean? How can you calculate the betting odds on football? These are actually quite simple calculations once you learn how they work.

  • Fractional odds: These show how much you can win by betting a certain amount. For example, 2/1 means that you can win 2 if you bet 1. In a more practical example, this means that if you deposit 10 GBP for this match, you can win 20 GBP in return (10 x 2).
  • Decimal odds: These are used in many European countries. They show how much you can win by placing a certain wager. For example, 5.00 means that if you place 10 GBP to this bet and win, the payout will be 50 GBP (5 x 10).
  • American odds: They are only used in the USA. They are shown with plus and minus signs, for example, Team A (+140) and Team B (-120). If the number is positive, it shows how much you can win when you place a 100 USD bet. In this example, if you place 100 USD in favor of Team A, the payout will be 240 USD in total (100 + 140). If the number is negative, it shows how much you need to bet in order to win 100 USD. In this example, you need to deposit at least 120 USD in favor of Team B in order to win 100 USD.

Understanding football odds is important because that’s how you calculate your potential winnings and figure out whether it will make sense to place that bet or not. You can always find the latest football odds at GGBet, and we always offer the most competitive rates to our members.

GGBet Is Your Best Option for Football Betting

Our football betting online service covers all the major & minor leagues in the world so that you can always find a match to bet on. We offer the most competitive odds (including live odds) to our members so they can win big. And we have the easiest to use interface so that you can enjoy betting, instead of trying to figure out what you need to do. GGBet knows what football bettors want and offers them the best. Do not place a bet without reviewing our odds!

Tricks to Win Football Betting: Simple Tactics

Gambling always requires luck, and while there is no sure strategy that will guarantee a win, we can suggest a couple of tips:

  • The first trick is simple: play at GGBet in order to get the best odds on football betting.
  • Use bonus offers. The right bonus can give you the chance to place a bet completely for free and still collect the payout. We constantly offer free bet bonuses to our new & current members.
  • Understand how odds work and calculate your potential winnings.
  • Make your research and gain information about teams – you should know as much as their coaches. Do not place a bet on a team that you know nothing about just because it offers higher odds.
  • Follow the latest betting news and trends.

Start Your Football Games Betting Career Today

We will be happy to see you among us: GGBet is the best place to start your football games betting career and you can be sure that you will always find the most advantageous odds here. Choose your team, choose your bet and start winning. Register today! Take a look at our promotions page and don't forget to take advantage of the bonuses we offer for our new members. We wish you good luck!