League of Legends Betting

League of Legends Betting Guide: All You Need to Know

League of Legends, popularly known by its acronym LoL, is one of the most popular eSports games today thanks to its rich decade-old history. Other than having a massive fan base, LoL also boasts of one of the biggest eSports betting scenes, owing to a multitude of tournaments globally, including its own exclusive pro league.

If you’ve ever considered placing wagers on eSports games, then League of Legends betting should be worth your while. Spare the next few minutes of your time to find out how you can become part of the LoL community today to indulge yourself in one of the most interesting video gaming scenes.

Furthermore, even if you consider yourself a pro in the LoL betting scene, you should still read through this gambling guide. We are going to cover plenty of tips that can help you bag the most profitable prices and point you to the highest-rated eSports betting sites that boast attractive bonuses and extensive coverage of the game. Let’s dig in, shall we?

What Is League of Legends?

League of Legends is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) developed by Riot Games and inspired by the custom map “Defender of the Ancients” for Warcraft III. The game was initially launched in 2009 for macOS and Windows and quickly gained credit amongst MOBA video game enthusiasts, owing to its riveting gameplay combined with its leading-edge 3D graphics.

The LoL betting gameplay comprises three different modes, and in every mode, two teams with five players each clash to try and destroy the enemy team’s Nexus – their main defence structure. To fulfill their mission, players have to destroy minions and other gamers to earn gold that is utilized for purchasing items. The purchased items are then exploited to enhance the range of stats that influence the amount of harm the champion’s four exclusive capabilities deal.

All the champions possess a selection of distinct capabilities, which in turn bear different stats for the rating of each champion. Through these capabilities and stats, champions are then allocated various roles, and each role presents specific strengths and weaknesses.

The teams strive to create groups of winners that can join forces to maximize their general strengths and reduce their frailties. Even though the team with a better constitution usually has an advantage, the player skill also contributes to success, and that is what makes League of Legends betting so much more interesting.

The Most Popular MOBA Game on the Planet

LoL is a team-focused video game that calls for players’ proficiency in both their individual and teamwork capacities. The fact that both individual and team effort count in this game is what makes it the most popular eSports game worldwide. Players are always striving to improve their gameplay skills so that they can play against the best players on the planet.

In terms of the number of hours played, League of Legends ranks as the most popular MOBA title in Europe and North America. Moreover, LoL also boasts over 100 million active players worldwide every month. LoL is free to play, it’s quite simple to understand and includes no subscription charges. The primary source of revenue for the designers comes from in-game buys.

With the online streaming platform Twitch TV, Riot Games is one of the most admired members having more than 50 million fans. Furthermore, with the European and North American champions worth loads of money, it’s not difficult to understand why League of Legends betting has gained massive popularity in the eSports gambling scene.

Major eSports Events in League of Legends Betting

One of the main reasons why LoL has grown to have such a massive fan base is because there are always League of Legends matches you can follow up on due to the sheer number of LoL regionalized league systems.

When it comes to the best League of Legends worlds betting events, nearly all of them are distinguished by exclusive franchised systems having teams as affiliates of the leagues. Besides, there is no relegation or promotion of teams, therefore guaranteeing long-term stability and a healthy atmosphere for financiers to flourish. In case you were wondering, here are the best events for betting League of Legends:

  • League of Legends World Championship

The League of Legends World Championships, also called LoL Worlds, is the most popular event in the LoL competitive diary. The event pulls together the best teams from different regions pitted against one another for mammoth rewards and universal recognition.

  • Mid-Season Invitational (MSI)

Mid-Season Invitational LoL events are held between the two season splits. Although MSI also involves the best teams worldwide, it's not as big as the LoL World Championships.

  • Regional Tournaments

Here, we’re referring to top-tier franchised systems. They create the league-like gaming experience, which is split into two categories: The Worlds are the peak of every competitive season while MSI is set after the first split.

League of Legends Betting Odds Explained

Odds govern the amount of cash you'll make by betting on teams. Just like traditional sports betting, eSports League of Legends betting odds are expressed using decimal, fractional, and American odds.

Here’s is a breakdown of the various LoL betting odds:

Decimal Odds

As expected, decimal odds are the most popular and the easiest to understand. If say, you made a $20 bet on Team A to win a match against Team B at odds 2.5, then you’d receive $50 (2.5 x $20) as your total payout. The $50 includes your initial $20 stake and a profit of $30.

Fractional Odds

Fractional betting odds are commonly used by sportsbooks and online casino sites in the UK. The most important aspect that you should understand relating to these odds is that they don’t include your initial stake. So, if you wanted to back a given Team A to win a match at fractional odds 3/8, it implies that for every $8 you wager, you'll get $3 as your payout, on top of your initial bet.

American Odds

American odds, which are also referred to as Moneyline odds, are more prevalent in the USA. Typically, American odds have a positive (+) or negative (-) sign before them. For example, an LoL match between Team B and Team C can be listed as:

Team B (+500)

Team C (-300)

If your team of preference is B, then it implies that for every $100 you wager, you’ll receive $500 if it wins. Conversely, for team C, you’ll have to wager $300 to win $100. So, team C has a higher chance of winning than B.

In American odds, the payout ratio for both the underdogs and favorites remains constant. So, if say, you wager $60 for Team A to win, then you'll receive $300. If you stake the same amount on Team B, you'll receive $20.

ESports LoL Betting Bet Types

Being a pretty simple MOBA game, there are several ways you can bet on League of Legends. You can place bets both before and during live LoL matches at bookmakers like GGBet. You can also make bets on both game and tournament outcomes along with more specialized components in every game. The most common bet types to consider while betting on LoL matches include:

  • Moneyline/Match-winner - you’re placing a bet on the winner of the match.
  • Outright Winner - a wager on the overall winner of particular tournaments, not individual matches.
  • Maps Total - here, you’ll place your bet on the total number of maps you feel will be played during the match.
  • Handicap - you’re betting on whether the handicapped team is going to win one map in a series or become the winner without dropping a map.
  • First Inhibitor or Tower - you bet on which team kills the first inhibitor or tower.
  • First Baron or Dragon - you’ll be betting on the team which kills the first Dragon or Baron.
  • Correct Score - wagering on a prediction of the final score of the match.

Parlay - with parlay, accumulator, multi or combo bets, you’re making a single bet comprising several bets; and if they all become successful, their odds are multiplied together, thus producing a bigger payout.

How to Bet on League of Legends: Strategy and Tips

With esports betting League of Legends, you don’t have to be a professional player to win big. Like any other sport, you only need to make clever choices, and you can make good money. Here are a few tips and tricks that will certainly put you on the right track:

  • Ensure you properly understand the game before making any bets.
  • Bet on both the minor and major events.
  • Keep a close watch on teams and the individual players to understand their form.
  • Place bets selectively and without bias.
  • Specialize whenever you can, as lots of teams and tournaments take place every year.

How to Bet on League of Legends at GGBet

Placing LoL bets at GGBet, a top-notch League of Legends betting site, is pretty straightforward. Just in case it's your first time in the eSports world, then you’ll be happy to know that video games such as LoL run like typical sports betting. The markets such as match-winner, handicap, correct score, parlay and accumulator bets are the same ones you’ll find for other sports.

To place your wager at the GGBet LoL betting website, first, you'll have to set up a GG Bet account and log into your profile. After that, head to the eSports sportsbook section and click on League of Legends to see the available matches or tournaments. From there, click on your preferred odds, type in the amount you’d like to wager in the pop-up box, then tap the Place Bet button to complete your bet. That’s it!

Wrapping Up

Owing to its resemblances to typical sports betting coupled with the massive fan base, betting on League of Legends is an amusing and profitable pastime. Now that you know the LoL gameplay basics and how to read the most popular LoL betting odds and markets, what’s left is to put what you’ve learned into practice. For the best experience, place your eSports wagers at GG.Bet, one of the most top-rated League of Legends betting sites, as you’ll get lucrative bonuses and high odds on a host of lucrative markets.