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Live Betting & Odds at GGBet

Live betting, also known as live in-play betting or in-game betting, is a type of gambling where bettors can place a live bet in a sporting event that is already in progress. At GGBet, we offer you the best live betting experience you will ever have because of the range of options you’ll have after the event kicks off to the final whistle. 

Live betting or in-play betting is far more exhilarating than regular sports betting because it offers you golden opportunities as the odds keep dancing by the minute, depending on what goes on in the match.  Owing to the levels of excitement involved, live betting online has become much more popular than pre-match betting. Furthermore, live bets offer you more than just one shot to change your luck for some lucrative wins with the right predictions.

This type of betting is mostly done by extremely experienced bettors who understand the art of analyzing matches before putting their money on the line. In fact, in most cases, these seasoned punters come up with analytical models for placing live bets to increase the chances of racking up profitable wins in the end. 

While this sounds very technical, you do not need a Data Science or Statistics certification to become adept at live betting. To understand how to predict the best live betting odds, you need to carefully analyze the history of team performances and take a closer look at the players involved. In play betting is a high-risk, high-reward affair: make the correct split-second predictions, and you will collect big wins, but if you don’t do it right, you could exhaust your bankroll, stacking the odds against you.

GGBet Guarantees in Live Betting

In case you were wondering why GGBet is your ultimate choice for in-play betting, here’s a highlight of why you should catch the action on our platform:

A Wide Selection of Live Events

At GGBet, we offer you unlimited opportunities to place wagers in real time. Whichever sport you enjoy, you will find numerous live games from around the world that you can place live bets or follow along to analyze any time you visit our website. On top of that, you will also have the chance to bet big and win big on the most popular events.

Fast Betting and Steady Odds

One of the aspects that make live betting more complicated than regular pre-match betting is that live betting odds change instantaneously based on what happens in the game. To keep things as lucrative as possible at GGBet, we ensure that the fluctuation isn’t too volatile to give you ample chances to place split-second wagers and win for the correct predictions. That way, you can also enjoy reliability as you calculate your bets.

Minimum Match Broadcast Delays

Don’t you just hate it when a match has kicked off and your bookie delays with the match broadcast? Well, at GGBet, we understand how crucial timely game broadcast relays are for your live betting escapades. We do our best to ensure that the match broadcast starts as scheduled so that we can also offer you the best odds. We rarely have any delays, and we broadcast the games right on kick-off.

Unhindered Access to the Site

In play betting at GGBet is top-notch because you will never experience a website time-out when placing your bets in real time.  You can enjoy unrestricted access to our site, and the interface will be as fluid as ever for seamless live betting every second of the game. With such steady access to the site, we can guarantee that all your bets will be paid out for each correct prediction.

Security and Privacy

Above anything else, we guarantee you security and privacy when you come to enjoy sports or esports betting at the GGBet sportsbook. Whichever device you use, your gaming activity will be 100% secure, as we use leading-edge technology to keep you safe.

Advantages of Live Betting

Tons of advantages come your way when you bet live as opposed to placing wagers pre-match. At GGBet, you will enjoy the best live betting in terms of:


We calculate the results in real time, meaning that you don’t have to wait until the end of a match to know if you’re winning or losing. For example, if you bet on a total of over 2.5 goals and teams score 3 goals in the 1st half, then the result is calculated immediately, and you can cash out right away.

No Waiting for Games

You do not need to wait at GGBet. At any one time, countless live events are going on, from local games to international competitions. Simply select a game from the current ones under the live betting section and start placing your bets instantly.

Multiple Bets During One Match

Unlike what most people assume, you have a multitude of opportunities to profit from a single game. You can keep wagering depending on how the game is unfolding. For instance, you can bet on one team to score when the match begins, and as the live betting odds shift, bet on the other to score next.

Favourable Odds

In live mode, the odds for some outcomes increase, whereas the risks remain the same, meaning that the potential for winning bigger increases tremendously. 

Bet Insurance 

Live mode allows you to reduce the loss by betting on the opposite outcome once you see the game swinging against you. In some cases, the live betting odds on such events will give you a win anyway. This isn’t something you can do with pre-match betting.

Watching the Broadcast

In addition to betting on an event, you will also enjoy the live broadcast of the game as a spectator, effectively enjoying a two-for-one deal! Moreover, given that you can observe whatever is taking place in the match in real time, you can cancel or change your bet based on an informed outlook of the game.

Live Esports Betting

Traditional live sports betting aside, we also have live eSports betting at GGBet, and you will find the most exciting eSports games in our collection. Esports games are a spectacular option, and they are considered far more exciting than mainstream sporting events by many. 

Unlike regular sports, eSports games are typically more difficult to predict pre-match, and so, fans of this genre of betting prefer placing wagers in real time. For the best outcomes when placing live eSports bets, you must first assess the current situation, identify which gamers are on what teams, and once the match is underway, which strategies the teams or gamers are using to outdo the opponent. Without such thorough analysis, live eSports betting is a tough nut to crack.

In our eSports live betting section, you will find over half a dozen of the most popular titles in the market today, namely:

  • CSGO by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment
  • Dota 2 by Valve Corporation
  • League of Legends by Riot Games
  • Call of Duty by Infinity Ward
  • Overwatch by Blizzard and Iron Galaxy
  • Rainbow Six by Ubisoft Montreal
  • World of Tanks by Wargaming
  • FIFA by Electronic Arts and Spearhead

How to Place Live eSports Bets

If you are a beginner, here are some tried and tested tips and strategy you should have at your fingertips before indulging in esports betting live:

  • Analyze the previous results of a team or a gamer to establish a pattern before placing your live bets.
  • Bet on major class tournaments. Teams here are more interested in winning than in training or qualifying matches, making it easier for you to determine the underdog versus the favourite.
  • Do not bet on your favourite team or player. Just because you want a team to win doesn’t mean it will. Your love for a team or player will not increase the chances of your preferred team or gamer winning.
  • You will need to closely follow the odds in live games because they are constantly changing depending on the competitive advantage on the map.
  • Bet on extra outcomes so that whichever way the game goes, you will have a win.

Live Sports Betting

While there are dozens of games in pre-match sports betting, from Ice Hockey to Formula 1, most live sports bets are wagered on the most popular sports. The most wagered upon games for in-play sports betting are:


Football live betting is the most popular of any live sports betting games. The bets are usually on the total number of goals, and this result is often clearer as the game unfolds. However, there is always a chance that someone will score at the very last minute, completely altering your live football betting odds. You, therefore, need some sort of live betting strategy since live football betting needs some knowledge of the teams and individual players.

Basketball and Volleyball

NBA live betting is probably the most dynamic betting you will ever try because the odds just keep shifting. Here, since there is always a chance for incredible comebacks, punters love to bet on live odds to seize the very moment that a team finally finds its game. The same is usually also the case for volleyball.


Betting during a tennis game has its special aspects since there are no substitutes like in other games. You can observe if a player gets hurt or seems to feel out of place, and this will skew things in your favour. This may and should be used to your advantage to garner more lucrative wins. 

The trick here is to choose the sport you are great at, for obvious reasons. You also require some experience in pre-match betting since this will really boost your odds of turning your predictions into profit.

How to Place Live Sports Bets

To better your odds at in play sports betting, the following tips will come in handy:

  • Before the beginning of the match, determine the odds-on by analyzing the upcoming meeting.
  • Wait for the match to start before placing any live bets because whoever started at the top may not stay there for long. Timing is key.
  • Be sure to monitor the situation, as you need to know the top from the under and their patterns when you start wagering.
  • Keep a level head and a rational mind since letting your emotions rule will be detrimental to the outcome.

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